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Each year since its inception in 1997, the Edina Athletic Booster Club, along with the Edina High School Athletic Department, has sponsored an annual Banquet for the Edina Athletic Hall of Fame inducting members of the Edina sports community from the 50s to today. Edina High School and Edina Booster Club personnel have devoted many hours to the selection of the inductees and to the maintenance of the Edina Athletic Hall of Fall.

The Edina Athletic Hall of Fame is a FRIENDRAISER not a fundraiser. Our purpose is to conduct an event which brings honor to the school by highlighting the accomplishments of its alumni, coaches, and friends. The rich tradition of Edina athletics over the years is one the community feels a deep sense of pride. To build on that pride, the Hall of Fame provides the opportunity to sustain the memories and share the moments of the past with former inductees, teammates, and friends.

Notices of procedures for nomination to appear in "Buzzwords", Edina Sun-Current, this website, and other publications from the Edina High School Athletic Department. Any alumni or friend of Edina Athletics may submit the name(s) of nominees.

Criteria for Inductees
A candidate for induction into the Edina Athletic Hall of Fame must satisfy the qualifications in one of the following categories:
1. Athletic and Personal Achievement: A former Edina, Edina East, or Edina West athlete who performed with excellence and lettered in a Varsity sport. Must be a graduate and out of school for at least ten (10) years. Nominees must be, or have been, a credit to family, country, and Edina. The inductee may be either living or deceased.
2. Coaches: A nominee must have been a former or present coach who has distinguished himself/herself by demonstrating exceptional leadership, character, and athletic achievement during his/her tenure at Edina. The inductee may be either living or deceased.
3. Special Award: A person who has been a loyal and devoted supporter of Edina Athletics.

Election of Inductees
1. The Selection Committee will vote on a maximum of eight (8) former athletes the first year, six (6) former athletes for the second year, and a maximum of four (4) for the following years.
2. The Selection Committee may select a maximum of two (2) former/present coaches per year and none if they so desire.
3. The Selection Committee may select a maximum of one (1) special award recipient per year or none if they so desire.
4. All nominees not selected in one of these three categories will remain on the nominee selection list for five (5) years.

Induction of Members into the Edina Athletic Hall of Fame
1. A special and separate banquet will be held to honor those who have been selected into the Edina Athletic Hall of Fame. The Selection Committee will select the time and the place for the banquet.
(Preferably during Homecoming Week of the Football season.)
2. Pictures and/or information regarding the inductees to be hung or placed in a prominent or designated area in Edina High School, close to the Athletic Department office.

Committee Members
1. Principal of Edina High School
2. Athletic Director of Edina High School
3. President of the Edina Athletic Booster Club will designate two current Booster Board members.
4. (4) Alumni appointed by the Principal, Athletic Director, Booster Club President
(2) Members to serve for a two (2) year term
(2) Members to serve for a three (3) year term
When the respective terms expire, the Principal, Athletic Director, and Booster Club President may reappoint new members or retain the outgoing members for a new term if they so desire.
5. The above Committee will select a chairperson and a secretary for a one (1) year term. The chairperson and secretary may succeed themselves if agreed upon by the Selection Committee.

1. The Selection Committee shall conduct two (2) meetings the first year and one (1) each year thereafter.
2. Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the chairperson.

These by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members of the Selection Committee at a regular or special meeting.